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The most common Q and A regarding Creative City Free Zone business license registration and Visa related services.

License Registration

Can I deal directly with Creative City if my License is registered through an agent?

All services should be provided by the respective agent that your company registered with. We can only assist in cases were the agent is no longer available or unable to provide the requested service. The designated agent code can be found on your license next to the license number.

What are the steps of license registration?

After finalizing the License Package with the sales team, the following documents will be required:

  1. License application form, duly filled
  2. Passport copy in color, of owner(s) & person in‐charge (first page, residence page or any UAE entry stamp here in UAE)
  3. Brief business activity / Business Activity
  4. Other relevant documents as requested

Once your documents have been assessed, and your company name has been approved, we shall send you the initial approval via email, along with the invoice for payment.

Note: Some nationalities need to apply for license pre‐approval before company set‐up. We shall advise you accordingly.

Once the License fee is paid, it will take 2-3 working days to issue the License

Once the License is issued, what set of documents to expect?

The following set of documents will be provided:

  • Company Trade License
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Shares Certificate
  • Articles of Incorporation / MOA

Office Lease Agreement (as actual or flexi‐desk, as chosen by client)

Note: All sets of MOA have to be signed by the client in the presence of a representative.

Do I need establishment card?

If you have opted for a license package with visas, the establishment card will be issued from Fujairah Immigration. After receipt of the card registration fee, the process will take from 7 to 10 working days. A copy will be provided for your reference, while the original retained.

How to renew my license registration?

If your license have been registered with one of our agents, you have to contact your respective agent with the renewal request.

In case company have been registered directly with us, please email the renewal application form. at 

What is the processing time for registering my company in Creative City?

The processing time for registering a company is 2-3 working days.

Can I set up a company at Creative City if I’m not based in the UAE?

You can set up a company if you have a visit UAE entry stamp or a residence visa at the time of company registration. 

Visa and Immigration

How can I get a residence visa?

If you have opted for a license package with visas, once your license registration is done, your company establishment card will be issued, then you may apply for visas under the company sponsorship.

What are the steps of visa application?

The first step is to apply for an entry permit. This is essentially a temporary visa that allows you access to the UAE for up to 60 days. Once you have obtained your entry permit you can enter the country to make your full visa application. It is best not to leave the UAE and re-enter until you have obtained your residency visa. Doing so can cause difficulties with immigration.

If your application is successful, you will receive your entry permit via email.

Once you have your entry permit, you must activate it. This is known as a status change and can be done in one of three ways. You can opt for an in-country status change which requires you to send your passport to UAE immigration services who will stamp and activate your visa.

Alternatively, you can activate your entry permit via an out of country status change – this an option if you are out of the country when making your visa application. Here you simply present your passport and entry permit to immigration at a UAE airport. It is then stamped and activated.

Finally, you can activate your entry permit via what is known as a border run. Here you would leave the UAE by land and then re-enter, once again presenting your visa to an immigration official who will stamp and activate it. This option is only available if you already hold a passport that permits visa-on-arrival access to the UAE.

With your entry permit activated, you will then need to undergo a standardized medical test. This includes a blood test and x-ray.

Providing you pass your medical you can then apply for an Emirates ID card. As part of this process you may be required to visit an immigration center to submit biometric information such as your fingerprints and eye scan.

Finally, your residence visa will need to be issued and stamped. To complete this final stage you must submit your passport to immigration. They will then affix and stamp your visa in your passport before sending it back. This process usually takes around two weeks.

What are the benefits of UAE visa?

There are many great benefits of holding a UAE residency visa. As well as being able to live and work in the Emirates, as a resident you are also able to open a personal bank account with zero income tax and access other financial facilities, apply for a UAE driving license, access government health services and facilities, enrol your children in government and private schools and travel visa free to destinations including Sri Lanka, the Maldives and Azerbaijan if needed.

Do you need my original passport for issuing the visa?

No, we only require a color copy of the passport for issuing the e-visa. The original passport is required only at the stages of visa amendment and residency stamping.

What are the steps of employment visa application?

The steps are the following:
  • Employment E-Visa Application (processing time- 2-3 working days *subject to Government approval )
  • Once visa is issued, you can entry the country using E-visa; or Visa Amendment for applicants within the UAE who do not wish to exit the country
  • Medical Test
  • Applying for Emirates ID
  • Residency Stamping (processing time- 2-3 working days)
  • Work Permit/ Labour Card (processing time- 2-3 working days)

Can I renew my visa directly with the Immigration office?

All new and renewal visa applications must be submitted to and processed by Creative City or one of our official agents.

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